Al-Qaeda launches mobile video content for “jihadi media”

I’ve seen a few people predicting that mobile will be big for 2008. In fact it’s an offering Edelman launched recently.

Anyway, I’ve spotted news that another global brand is planning to launch compelling mobile content in 2008 as well.

As-Sahab is – and I quote – "the media production house of al-Qaeda" will be launching mobile formatted video content for download. Wow. mobile and video….

In a press release… er, written message… a spokesman… er…. Ayman al-Zawahiri said the move was to help supporters to distribute al-Qaeda’s messages:

"I asked God for the men of jihadi media to spread the message of Islam and monotheism to the world and spread real awarenessto the people of the nations."

Al-Jazeera has a bit more info.

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