I’m going to Le Web 3.0: meets, greets, eats?

I’m heading to Paris for Le Web 3 in December. If anyone has any tips for good hotels handy for the conference venue and/or wants to meet up… drop me an email or leave a comment.

Hopefully the wifi will be working this year 🙂

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By the way…

By the way… having been caught up in reporting the goings on at Le Web 3 I have neglected to tell you about the vast number of disgruntled attendees.

The BBC’s Robin Hamman has a round-up of his experiences at Cybersoc. Meanwhile Tom Morris has linked up with a range of other Le Web bloggers all who seem to be saying the same thing.

Conspiracy theories are circulating concerning Loic’s links with Sarkozy. First, Loic posted openly on his blog that he would be voting for Sarkozy next year. Second, Sarkozy’s blog is hosted by SixApart who are Loic’s employers and a very popular blog hoster in France.