David Miliband, British foreign policy and the internet

I posted about this over at my other blog, eDemocracy Update, the other week but have only just got around to linking it here.

I’ve published the first in a series of essays about British foreign policy under David Milband, his progressive interventionist ideology
and the internet over at e-International Relations.

The essay, The Civilian Surge: Liberal Foreign Policy, Intervention and the Internet, attempts to put Miliband’s idea of what he calls the ‘civilian surge’ being created by the internet’s empowering effects on global society into a
theoretical framework. It then assess its impact on global democracy.

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Miliband’s blog is back… this time with some friends

Work is manic as per and as a resutl I haven’t logged into my personal bloglines account in days.

However, I have just come across the news that Foreign Secretary, David Miliband is back blogging – which is great news.


Even better news is the fact that the site is caleld ‘FCO Bloggers’ which to me indicates that there is more than one FCO blog. So I has me a little look around…. and lo and behold there’s a link to ‘All FCO blogs‘.


Nice one, Dave! The page declares:

"This blog space provides a place for Ministers and officials to engage
in a dialogue with you about international affairs and the work of the
Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We want these personal blogs to be a
genuine sharing of ideas, so we will try to read the comments you post
here and respond to the debate."

So it’s all starting to look like a really good effort to help open up the FCO to a wider world.

In case you can’t read the profiles, the FCO bloggers are:

Hopefully we’ll get some really good material from across the FCO’s global remit. There’s also an FCO YouTube channel and Flickr stream

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