What can you do with 30 peas?

Nice little viral from Virgin Mobile that roused a chuckle. Not big or clever. But made me smile.

Via Mel

Bathtime in Clerkenwell

A little something to brighten up your foul wet/snowy (delete as applicable) mornng.

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Flipping flip. Multicolr is amazing.


So I came across this website, Multicolr, via Trendhunter (I think) Jamie Coomber's Freshenmeup and sweet baby Jesus if it isn't totally mindblowing.

Basically, Multicolr, scrapes creative commons photos from Flickr's most interesting bucket based on visual similarity according to colour.

Multicolr offers you a pallette of 100 colours to choose from and as you select a colour it sucks in photos of the same colour. Even cooler, if you select two colours it scrapes accoridng to both colours (like the above panel – purple and yellow).

I haven't exactly figured out speciifc uses for Multicolr yet, apart from hours of endless fun and finding amazing images for presentation. If anyone has some better ideas please leave a comment.

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