“Terror outrage: BRITNEY, ANGELINA and OBAMA all unaffected as hundreds die in SEXY agony”

The story I blogged last week – and followed up by Shane Richmond – about UK newspapers using SEO to boost their online readerships continues to rumble on.

The Guardian‘s Neil McIntosh adds his perspective to the debate and links to the most amazing piece by Guardian columnist, Charlie Brooker, who highlights the inanity in what is, to most of us digital types, common sense. It also contains possible my favourote non-headline of all time as used in the title of this post (hopefully it’ll bring me some extra traffic too).

Brooker’s piece also neatly provides the tail to this story. What began life in the once-acerbic satirical magazine, Private Eye, has now itself become satirised by one of the UK’s leading satirists after one-time collaborator, Chris Morris.

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