Introducing my wife: the mummy blogger

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It had to happen, finally my wife has started blogging.

As a new mum returning to work she's decided to blog about her experiences and become a fully paid up Mummy blogger.

I think she's doing an amazing job so far (although I am biased) and it would be great if you wanted to stop by and have a read.

She's already received her first product to review, DermaH20's natural babywipes, courtesy of @fashionelf at 77PR.

I think Sarah's planning on reviewing them properly but here's my 2p worth:

The idea behind the DermaH20 wipes is that while you're advised to use cooled boiled water and cotton wool on babies it's very easy to get into the habit of using standard babywipes which are jam-packed full of horrible chemicals likely to cash rashes.

We started using water and cotton wool, but even the health visitors and community midwives gave me funny looks when I asked for some cotton wool at a newborn clinic. With this in mind, I am totally behind anything which makes it easier to wipe you baby down without exposing them to crap.

The drawback with the wipes is that they are flipping expensive, so it boils down to a choice between cheap and slightly annoying cleaning or hassle-free but expensive natural babywipes. You pays your money and takes your choice.

There's a Derma H2O blog too – but no comments enabled :(

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  1. Chen-Lee Tsui says:

    Could not agree more about the expense of natural wipes. I use the Huggies wipes (the water ones) if I am out and about and cotton wool when I am at home.

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