UK Government’s BERR launches YouTube Channel

I've just spotted that the UK Government's Department for Business and Regulatory Reform (BERR) has launched its own YouTube channel (I wonder if it's the handiwork of @neilyneil?).

One of the first videos uploaded is a piece to camera by Lord Carter talking about his recently published Digital Britain report:

Pleasingly BERR have opened up the comment section to allow viewers to discuss and feedback on Lord Carter's report.
Unfortunately, no-one has contributed yet.
See Joss's comment below. Looking again this morning it seems the comment option is now turned. I'm sure it wasn't yesterday when I looked… looks like BERR are trying to drive discussion to their own destination which, in its own words, is a "discussion site …created by the Secretariat for the
Digital Britain Steering Board, to provide a space for you to engage
with us directly in an online debate about Digital Britain.
" Wow! The "Secretariat for the
Digital Britain Steering Board" – how social is that :)

It's worth noting that there is already a huge volume of discussion of the report online. Just take a look at a Twitter search for the hashtag #digitalbritain. I'd recommend Lord Carter get online himself and started engaging in the discussions already happening.

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  1. There’s something wrong with their comment moderation. They say that comments are moderated (under ‘House Rules’) but they offer no indication of it when posting a comment. I know of several people that have commented and seen their comments posted but they all think they’re the first to comment. A technical problem they should have tested first. Anyway, unmoderated discussion has been taking place elsewhere for the last two weeks as they note on their About page.

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  3. You’re missing an l from @neillyneil – but otherwise yes, it is :)
    DB less so.

  4. A-ha! Well spotted. Thx Neil

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