More Berocca

Following on from receiving a Berocca blogger stress relief pack last week Rick Lamb and Lolly Borel have more round-ups and analysis of the campaign.

Rick actually manages to identify the people behind the initiative… step forward digital marketing agency i-Level.

I’m presuming it was their social media unit, Jam, who came up with the strategy and execution. I’d recommend them to use a bit more personalisation and transparency in their communications. 😉

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  1. Yeah I probably shouldn’t be promoting the work of rival agencies if I want to get on in life. Maybe the plug will convince them to send me a pack…

  2. hey Rick! Actually I think discussing other agencies oenly and honestly *will* definitely help you get on – at least in the social-media-cum-digital world.
    If you want a pack, just start criticising them 😉

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