Berocca Blogger Relief Update

After my bitterness tainted whinge/objective critical analysis (delete as applicable) post last week about the Berocca Blogger Relief engagement programme stunt what turned up in my inbox today? Lo and behold an email from Berocca saying I could expect my blogger relief pack some time soon.

Am I satisfied? Not entirely. This is partly because I’m vindictive and hold grudges, but mainly due to some unanswered questions I have about why I am being sent a pack now, at least a month after the first batch was mailed out to recipients.

In particular: why am I being sent a pack now, a week after critiquing Berocca’s campaign? Is it coincidence? If it is in respnse to my post it would be nice to get a personalised email explaining so.

In fact, the email I received appears to be an automatically generated one. In double fact, don’t take my word for it:

Hi Simon Collister
Thanks for your submission; your blog has been accepted!
Look out for your Berocca Blogger Relief Pack that will be on its way to you soon.
The Berocca Team

I could be wrong but I don’t start many emails with ‘Hi Simon Collister’.

While I’m on a roll, my blog has "been accepted"? Um,. Sorry, what? Has been "accepted"? I didn’t know I was undergoing a vetting process. Thank you. I’m deeply grateful.

Maybe I am being overly harsh. Perhaps I may have gone a bit overboard for the sake of some fizzy vitamins and a USB stick. Perhaps.

But I simply think that what was a really good idea to connect with a potentially target audience has turned into an impersonal marketing exercise.

Perhaps that was the aim at the outset. But if it wasn’t, then I really feel Berocca have missed a good opportunity for quality online engagement and the opportunity to build some long-term relationships with their consumers.

Still, I’m not complaining about the fizzy sweets though!

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  1. Dear Simon Collister, genius – I can’t believe they have used automatically generated emails – I bet you feel really special now don’t you?
    Maybe your blog has been accepted for a little injection of Berocca because they think you write half asleep – who knows? It is making me smile though on a Friday morning – you would have thought they would have seen your previous post and responded personally at the very least…
    keep up the good work!

  2. Yay for holding grudges!

  3. Hi Simon Collister,
    At least you got one!

  4. Gerel says:

    I can’t believe they mentioned your blog was ACCEPTED, would they reply saying you’re FAILED too!

  5. *tuts*
    I dunno, some people are never pleased…

  6. I got one of those e-mails too after commenting on your last post. They tried to deliver it yesterday but I was out so mine is being delivered tomorrow.
    Even though I’m a bit disappointed by how long it took, I will probably still blog about it.

  7. @Matthew Watson – did you register for a pack originally? And… do I have to be in for the delivery? Jeez – talk about a lot of effort.
    I know, I know… I’m ungrateful πŸ™‚

  8. I registered back in June. But had heard nothing until now. Why didn’t they do a weekly sendout?
    Yeah, apparently you have to sign for it. Sounds like you need some blogger relief πŸ˜›

  9. LOL πŸ™‚

  10. Interesting approach, if a little impersonal by the sound of it. Feels a little like Wineanspirix and his pals from Asterix and the Chieftan’s Shield though – marketing bloggers blogging about each other’s blog marketing initiatives.
    Needless to say I signed up (late).

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