’s SEO – Shane Richmond responds

I posted earlier this week about a story in  Private Eye about ensuring their news stories are chock full of realtime SEO key word goodness.

Well, I asked the Telegraph’s Communities Editor, Shane Richmond, if he could enlighten us any further and he has kindly posted his response on his Telegraph blog.

What Shane says makes total sense and (perhaps unlike the ultra traditional Eye) I see no reason why media outlets shouldn’t optimise their content.

In keeping with this idea, Shane provides a great insight into what other UK newspapers are doing – or reportedly doing. Shane writes:

"we’re [] far from unusual. As far as I know, staff at the Times get an email telling them what search terms are bringing people to their site, the Guardian, it’s rumoured, has begun training staff on SEO and the Mail has recently hired an SEO manager."

Intersting times indeed.

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  1. I think its fair to say seo is becoming more of a factor in how stories are written (there are best practice guidelines doing the rounds in most media orgs, I’m guessing.
    One interesting side effect is that the media orgs must, if they embrace the process the eye describe, give up editorial control to the crowd (even if this is in a lowest common denominator kind of way). Interesting!
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog by the way!
    best dc

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