PROs take note: the battle for Google visability begins on 5th May

Another busy working week means another 3,000 unread feeds and so I came across this news story in a magazine (yes, I know! Crazy huh).

Personally I think the stroy is of huge importance to the PROs and posing quite a significant threat to the industry. That said, I haven’t yet seen the story in PR Week or on other UK blogs (bearing in mind I haven;t read many feeds this past week!).

According to Marketing, from 5th May Google plans to open up its keyword bidding allowing anyone to bid for keywords, effectively letting your clompetitors buy up – or at leastpush up the cost – of your company’s, clients or brands keywords.

From that date forward, Google’s "trademark complaint investigations will no longer monitor or restrict keywords for ads served to users in the UK and Ireland."

The reason for the change, Google’s UK Director, Matt Brittin, argues  is

"to give users greater choices to help them make
informed decisions."

"Advertisers are accustomed to the fact
that users searching for their trademarked terms as part of a phrase
may see ads from competitors."

Interestingly, the argument against this move in the article comes from digital agency, Equi=Media. One of their directors, Gavin Sinden, tells Brand Republic, that Google is trying "to increase bid values and volume of bids on a huge range of

He also wanrs advertisers that "you could type in a search for a particular
brand and be confronted with nothing but a sea of competitors

SHOCK. HORROR! It seems the ad industry is running scared because they’re further losing the ability to own and/or control space within Google.

Personally I believe this change will offers those within the PR industry who place value on real, genuine engagement with customers major opportunities. Ensuring clients secure high search rankings on the back of quality service and content will become all the more improtant. It is in this that PR delivers real, strateguic value rather than the ‘quick fixes’ of digital marketing and advertising.

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  1. I blogged this a few days ago. I think it’s going to make life for some companies very interesting. Are you going to play defence and bid whatever it takes to get your keywords? Or are you going to play offense and attack your competitors brand?
    Interesting days ahead.

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