Radio 4 on corporate blogging and ghosts in the machine

Interesting piece about corporate blogging on R4’s Today this morning. As you might expect from the MSM it was a tale extremes. One the one hand there was Tom Coates talking about his recent experience with PROs pitching him in ways "that are probably illegal" to Spin Vox‘s Chief Blogger, Mark James Whatley and on to an anonymous ‘ghost-blogger’ who makes his living speaking to CEOs and writing their blog posts:

"ghost-writing blog posts is no different to ghost writing books by premiership footballers."


I wonder if he work’s agency-side or as a freelance. either weay, he can’t be a memebr of the CIPR as he’s in breach of their Code of Conduct.

I confess I didn’t listen to it live, but woke up to a volley of texts from friends and family saying "are you listening to R4 now?" At 7.30am on a Saturday that is also my birthday? NO!

You can listen to the package via the BBC’s iPlayer here – although you’ll have to fast forward to 43 minutes in.

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  1. Psst…
    It’s ‘James Whatley’.
    But it’s ok – most people know me as Whatleydude anyway.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday!
    You can listen to the whole clip here:
    And the BBC also wrote it up here:

  2. WOW! That was fast… True Blogger Material!
    22:30 on a Saturday night indeed!
    Hehe.. Nice blog btw – have added to my Greader.

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