A YouTube? On the Interweb?

Once more parliament is reeling from the power of the internet, the BBC reports.

Children’s Secretary, Ed Balls, is alleged to have uttered the rather scornful "So what" to David Cameron’s budget response yesterday.

However, Hansard records Balls’ comment as "So weak". This has all sparked a debate about Ball’s alleged ‘childishness’ according to Cameron.

However, the best quotation comes from Conservative MP, Andrew Robothan, who – showing the Tories cutting edge credentials – told BBC Online that:

"There is a site called YouTube on the net and you can listen to the video. "I reckon I can hear ‘what’ being said."

Bless. Read the full story via the BBC.


  1. Simon
    I think this just shows the pitiful level of debate in the so called mother of parliaments.

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