My Media meme: memememe

I’ve finally been tagged in the ol’ My Media meme by Giles Shorthouse. I suppose it’s my fault for being out of sight and out of mind really.

Anyway here’s where everyone gets to see how cool and webby 2 dot oh I am.

What I’ve watched
Christmas TV was gash. I watched the Extras special but felt immensely let down. It was very predictable and the humour was tired. I had to physically get and go to draw a deep bath like a cynical old man when the whole “It’s Ridley Scott on the phone for you” routine began. I came back to find the denouement exactly as I’d imagined it. Is it meant to be like that?

Big Fat Quiz of the Year was fun, although despite Rob Brydon’s opportunity to redeem himself from last year I still think he is a twat. Such a shame as unlike Ricky Gervais he is genuinely funny. Lily Allen is a moron too.

Mighty Boosh was a wheeze as ever and I borrowed my wife’s step-mum’s Brideshead Revisited DVD box-set for a 350hr Waugh marathon.

What I read
Bought a bumper bundle of magazines to read over the Christmas break and then never got around to reading any. This meant binge-reading in the final days of the holiday: one magazine by the loo, one next to the bath (they’re far enough apart for that to work) one in the lounge and the rest by the bed.

In no particular order: New Statesman Christmas Special, Monocle, Private Eye (fuggin Christmas Special), Tribune (for the comics), Lobster.

Book-wise, I always have a few on the go and this holiday dipped into: Growing Your Own Vegetable PatchTintin and Explorers on the Moon. I’m also meant to have Thomas Pynchon’s Vineland on the go, but it’s currently on hold until I feel like it.

Then I also spent most of the break writing my CIPR Diploma research project so reading lots of journal articles on media agenda-setting theory.

What I’ve listened to
Radio1 – Christmas Party while painting (the bathroom); random presenters on long car journeys to visit wife’s family
Radio 4 – every morn while scrambling eggs and in the kitchen; going to bed.
Feist’s excellent Let it Die – bargain at £3.97 in Sainsburys.
Wagner’s Das Rheinegold – the most accessible of the Ring Cycle

What I’ve surfed
All my CIPR+dissertation tagged material on for my er… dissertation. Check ‘em out if you like; lots of media agenda-setting theory and UK political blogs
BBC News – for a new hit when the scheduling goes all funny.

Who I am tagging?
I’m going to tag my erstwhile colleague Jason Mical,…. Jesus, I’ve come late to this meme. Everyone’s been done. There. I tag Jason!


  1. Better late than never :p
    You sound like you crammed loads in over Christmas, when did you relax?

  2. Relax? Why would I want to relax? 😉

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