Daddy… what’s TV?

Thought provoking tweet from Mike Butcher who’s at the Edinburgh TV Un-Festival today:

“UnTVFest live podcast dwelled overly on TV as shared experienced. My view: the Live Social Web is the new TV. Sometimes tv/video is involved”

I like it.

Meanwhile Jeff Jarvis reinforces Mike’s insight with some more stats about the fall in TV use and big increase in internet use:

“Internet usage is now approaching TV usage — in the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, and Japan — according to an IBM study to which Om Malik points us. Note also that TV networks’ share of online TV viewing is only about 33 percent, below YouTube and barely ahead of Google and social networks in the U.S. — and the alternatives are only beginning (in the life of internet video, it’s only 1954).”

I mean dosn’t it just make sense?

People want content: video, audio, text, static images…. stuff. We used to have differnet tools to deliver it. Now we have one that does it all… and better… and quicker… and allows you to join in… Jesus. I mean if that is truly revolutionary then what it?

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  1. “TV? Well, my son, that’s the plastic box in which we keep our fish nowadays…”

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