Monday morning news round-up

Work’s busy at the moment so blogging will definitely be light for the next couple of weeks.

In a final burst of activity here are’re a couple of good tidbits of enws fro a Monday morning:

  • UK tech PR gossip blog …theworldsleading… has set-up shop on it’s own website [screenshot above]. You can find the new jazzy site at The interesting news is that they may ditch their RSS feed claiming:

“It seems to have the same effect as bouncers; repelling intelligent people while attracting sink estate vermin donning black slip-on shoes and gelled hair. We’re thinking fuck RSS, fuck Technorati and fuck all those two-bob ‘influence surveys.’ We’d lose points for not having RSS, but perhaps we’ll lose the undesirables too?”

  • Hugh MacLeod has posted about why he thinks we’re all blogging less. Hugh cites one reason for less blogging as: 

“Some of us have better things to do than continually having to justify ourselves to a crowd of self-loathing, passive-aggressive, loser fucktards.”

Which is, I suppose, a less roundabout way of agreeing with …TWL…‘s comments above.

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  1. Is there not something faintly ironic in icons such as TWL and Hugh turning their back on the loser fucktards. Not that either would fall into this category but surely one bloggers loser fucktard is the next’s bloggers insightful post or have aI misunderstood the technicality of the term loser fucktard?

  2. Hmmm – it’s a fair point! Hugh has posted today about blogging not being dead… and call me controversial but I’m guessing TWL potential rejection of RSS is to get eyeballs on their lovely new site’s advertising?

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