Hitwise publishes Top 10 UK blogs

Blog analyst, Hitwise, has published a top 10 list of UK lifesyle blogs. The top slot is held by a site called Fugufish which I have never heard of. Hitwise suggests the site became famous after it hosted some very popular videos. One of these was apparently by a band called OK Go who I have heard of.

Interestingly Guido Fawkes comes in at number three followed by ConservativeHome at four and Iain Dale at five. All three are right-wing political blogs which may suggest a) the Tories are ahead of the new media game compared with Labour b) public interest has swung to the right or c) you can just have more of a laugh in opposition.

Then again, I’m not an analyst.


  1. I’ll go for c). I’ll bet those Tories are wetting their pants right now: Tony is really clearing the path for them at the moment. Unless, of course, LibDem or, worse, the National Front reaps all the benefits from recent Labour cock-ups…

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